Directory of HPV people in Ottawa.

This is currently a directory of HPV people in Ottawa.

Potential members

Mark Rehder Linear USS LWB folding 'bent, Watson brothers rainbow chopper, homebuilt SUV cargo trike for drum kit , marker at +1.613.230-6252
Richard Guy Briggs Greenspeed GTV tandem convertible recumbent tadpole suitcase trike, Hammond-organ-carrying trailer, Watson-brothers "Goldmember" chopper, planning load-carrying tallbike. I also have a Bike Stop winter special and a Miyata Alumi-Cross touring bike, both wedgies. See. rgb at +1.613.860-2354
Nancy Shaver BikeE nancy at flora dot org
Brett Delmage Ryan Vanguard USS LWB brett at
Dave Gibson and Connie Hawkins Many homebuilts +1.613.231-2317
Mike Plummer
Mike Watson and Grant Watson homebuilt tallbikes, choppers, trikes, swingbikes and even a kid tandem ( portfolio, pics here and here and here ) , a semi-'bent (side, side/front), tall tandem painted painted Swing bike I Swing bike II workout chopper mc2watson at sympatico dot ca
Jonathan and Dawn Mau two Greenspeed GTR 'bent tadpole trikes (winter: 1978 Raleigh Super Grand Prix) ride-on mower ak977 at +1.613.820-3001
Louis Patrault (RGB at GreenDoor) Linear OSS LWB louis.patreault at +1.613.232-8322 old +1.613.842-3915 new
John Poland S & B (or S & B) 1995 Recumbent Tandem Bicycle USS for sale jpoland at math dot carleton dot ca
Michael Wolfson, RCN, in the Glebe, BCQ15-p38 several homebuilt 2-wheel 'bents, Culty delta trike wolfson at statcan dot ca +1.613.233-1450
Juergen Weichert homebuilt LWB OSS, homebuilt cargo trike, has helped many other projects juergen at
Andrew Oakes Oxford shaft-drive, Cambie Recomboni LWB, buying BikeE tandem, Windcheetah andrew_oakes at ocdsb dot edu dot on dot ca
Quinn Farrell Defelice 'bent
Walter Osborn Rans Wave walter_osborn at hc-sc dot gc dot ca
K. Ishikawa (moved to B.C.) homebuilt tadpole recumbent hybrid human/electric "built in the Banana Republic of Gatineau" ishikawa at ncf dot ca
Derek and Nicky Homebuilt delta winter passenger tandem trike with rear suspension and ball hitch, kids trailer with modified snowmobile suspension, cargo trailer
Jody McIntyre Home-made studded tyres, homebuilt winter bike, homebuilt chopper Jody McIntyre
Julien Lamarche jlam at
Gordon Creelman Ottawa to Terra del Fuego on a faired Ryan grcreelman at
Alex M Lewis homebuilt SWB (with the aid of Juergen Weichert without whose aid I don't think the project would have come to light). Hope to purchase a Cycle Genius Dual 20" this spring. Intend to ride with the OBC on the Kingston Ramble, Rideau Lake Tour and End of Summer Century. Alex M Lewis
Brian Fitzpatrick Homebuilt SWB and lowrider LWB. Next project is a lowrider delta trike (source unknown). Brian has a photo album. Brian.Fitzpatrick at
Brian Martin Homebuilt delta upright trike, OSS LWB photos
Harvey Miller Rans Rocket (Nov. 2003) harveymillerca at
Martin K. Petersen Watson brothers chopper, plans to build cargo trike to carry chopped organ to gigs, plans to build a Greenspeed style trike from plans or frame kit mkp at mkp dot net
Vic Gedris Watson brothers Swing bike I , HP Velotechnik Streetmachine GT SWB USS, plans to build tallbike for independent touring vic at
Vic Chymozik Recumbent Tech.( Miville Fournier ) SWB, Giant Revive LWB OSS semi-bent (.nl model)
Jason McLaren Rans Rocket jason at
Dennis and Lorna Hutton Rans V-Rex, Rans V-squared and RANS Cruzes huttond at gmail dot com
Terence Hawkes several homebuilt trikes, homebuilt LWB USS 'bent terence.hawkes at sympatico dot ca (bounces)
Paul Bell Kona Kula and Kona NuNu MTBs and Trek 400 road bike krazeeclimber -- at --
Doug Morency Marauder clone and Tour Easy clone both in progress dutton - at -
Matthew Spencer MR Swift
Matthew Eglin Windcheetah matthew --at-- eglin dot net
Daryl Bender StreetMachine
Luc Houle Past: Rans Stratus/Rans V-Rex/Tour Easy/Peugeot X-Country bike and ProFlex Mtn bike. Expecting a Rans V-2 in March 2005 A general site with links to everything pertaining to bicycle touring in Canada. lhhoule at videotron dot ca
Charles Akben-Marchand Watson Brothers Swing bike II , charles at akben dot ca +1.613.314-6253
Blackburn Pete (Chaloner) blackburn-dot-pete@rogers-dot-com
Christian Grasshopper, Optima Baron X-Low
Nicolas I. Martin Catrike 700

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